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World of Warcraft Corps Overview: Good and Bad Things

The Legion brought World of Warcraft from the fall of the Delano Warlords, when the number of game subscriptions fell more than 50% from the peak of 12 million users in the Wrath of the Lich King. However, Blizzard suspended its subscription number in November 2015. In the past three years, the way to successfully subscribe to World of Warcraft has been dark.

People are still playing games, but how many people are still playing games? Are people still playing games? Does the region have nostalgia for the original games and the first two expansions of the Burning Crusade and the Wrath of the Lich King? These are questions that have no clear answer. Therefore, we will look at the extent of this expansion.

Good: I always have something to do in the legion.
When you log into the game almost every day, people can complete world missions, daily heroes, pet battles and myths. I have been on the list. The new PvP fight has promised that once the neglected PvP community will once again turn to the Battle of Aize. Even for players who have limited time to play, you can quickly climb up and at least jump into the normal level of difficulty raids.

Bad: balance artifact weapons.
Artifact weapons use two devices: weapons and deputy. From a man dressed in blue weapons until midway through the raid, my experience has changed dramatically. Artifact weapons are a compromise that restores old talent and keeps the current system intact. However, you must adjust all specifications one by one. Knowledge of artifacts has now been streamlined, but before that, players were often frustrated when they switched to alt.

Good: This may be the most familiar extension of World of Warcraft (how to get cheapest wow gold prices. you can come to mmygold) history.
After streamlining cultural knowledge, people can upgrade Alt and their artifact weapons more quickly. This allows the player to naturally switch roles in raids or mythological + progression. For example, my hero is about 975, and my Alt ranges from 940 to 960. The base of hero attacks and myths +10 is enough. Through multiple catch-up mechanisms, players can encounter at least 110 normal difficulties in a week (usually if he is lucky).

World of Warcraft's New Island Adventure is a mix of classic dungeons and Diablo

World of Warcraft has special things about repeatable content. RAID and dungeons we have always known, also played by each player through the expansion process several hundred times, but expect it to be fun and fun every time.

Diablo 3 restores manual dungeon experience and chooses a more random selection in the elevator. Not all lifts are great, but the possibilities for fun are always very high. Seven of the battlefields of Azeroth is WOW Yes, our goal is to develop the best islands that combine the two countries and the new island tour functions.

Polygonal opportunity to test Blizzard campus island tour earlier this week, the demonstration was not disappointed.

In the demo, BFA drops the number of islands you have when it is released to rotate the much larger island and asks you to complete a simple task: collect 6000 Azeito. If you find that the expedition competes with other factions, capture it. Everyone who collects Azerbaijani bytes is the fastest victory.

There is an interesting combination in my crew: Warrior's Tank, Tank Devil's Pool, Horse War. Since the expedition does not depend on the character, three boxes, three healers, if there are three DPS or the famous Holy Trinity, you can complete the island.

We have two tanks so we can make a difference. We slowly kill people, but we can fight against our targets faster and fight forever. The caster does not have to worry about dealing with any threat.

Our opposition is composed of a group of Saints Drenenne. They are controlled by Blizzard's new "smart AI" to recreate real players' real goals. When we took this path, but we certainly did not have similar mistakes with humans, the players also "go and be beaten," and we have seen far more horrendous than AI for many years.

Our staff was not collecting Aesh bytes along the beach rolling, it decided to attack the pirate ship moored in a small port. As we approached, we had some shiny hammer've found (Get wow fast gold please visit the website MmyGold) that you were turning over from the ship. alliance. "Oh, they've already put it" and we all charged the enemy before plugging it. Before adding it to our rotation, AI kicked us back and put us outside. The little spirits run away from the tank. Their witches are the target of a warlock. Their tanks prevent the tank from reaching the rear line.